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“After continually working with Hail and Wind, our roofing company actually won an award for the 6th fastest growing company in our Metro area, even beating out Oil/Gas companies, and Advertising firms three times our size.….after working with them I would have paid ten times what they charged.“

Joe R., Oklahoma City, OK

“When you’re right, why fight”. These scopes take the arguments right out of the desk adjusters’ mouths. All they have to do is read it (or have somebody help them)
They include:

  • An opening statement that shuts down the common arguments

  • Proper waste calculations

  • F9 notes on every line explaining purpose

  • Building code built into notes and attached

  • Photos (you provide) built in to the scope

  • OSHA, FTC, and WCC cited when necessary

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 $149  Scope and Estimate Preparation

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“Hail and Wind” provides administration services and data entry, in the form of Xactimate scopes, for restoration projects. Since we do not physically inspect or investigate any real property we must rely on the accuracy of the measurements, project information and notes given to us by our clients.
“Hail and Wind” is not a public adjusting firm, law firm, or accounting firm. The scopes and services we provide are not to be considered as legal advice, insurance negotiations, or accounting advise. We have nothing to do with insurance claims or policies.
The scopes we produce are based on current industry practices, laws, regulations and building codes that all contractors are legally and ethically bound to comply with. The prices we use are downloaded directly from Xactware, for the geographical area of the project, and are unaltered unless we are instructed to do so by our clients.
All scopes we produce will list someone in your organization as a point of contact. It will be sent to you in PDF format and customized with your company’s logo and information, as well as job related photos attached within the scope itself (if you provide them).


  • Residential Exterior Scope $149.00

  • Expedited Residential (12-24 business hours), when available, $275.00

  • Residential with minor Interior $175.00

  • Expedited Residential with minor Interior (12-24 business hours), when available, $300.00

  • Revisions or additions (unless it’s an error on our part) $25.00

  • Commercial Scopes, Major Residential interior, and/or construction consulting is billed at $225.00 per hour

  • Expedited Commercial Scopes and Major Residential interior (12-24 business hours), when available, Call for Pricing

  • EagleViews, if you want us to order, are cost plus 5%

Key things to remember:

Although it may happen sooner, the normal turn-around for residential scopes is 3 – 5 business days (excluding weekends or national holidays) from the point that we receive all the information we need to produce the scope. A typical working day is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Normal Commercial Scope turnaround is 5 – 7 business days. *The turn-around time could be extended when 6 or more scope files are sent at one time, call for an ETA.

All billing will be electronic and emailed on Wednesday for all scopes produced for the prior week.

The invoice must be paid by card, online, on or before Friday. A delay in payment will put a hold on your account and no new scopes will be produced until payment is made. In the event of late payment, the 3 – 5 day clock on new scopes will not start until all outstanding invoices are paid.

Past due invoices may be resent to you periodically, but after 14 days past due we may contact the property owner of the address on the scope and/or send the invoice to our collections department.

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